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Sunday 1st of July 2012

Attorney Kimberly Steele of The Steele Law Firm, P.C. attended the June 15 Marcellus Shale: New Regulations and Challenges conference which addressed the new body of law being created in New York to address the substantial development that is expected in the Marcellus Shale region.  Topics covered were technical details of natural gas hydrofracking, new DEC Regulations, the energy company perspective, municipal perspective, land owner, State Department of Environmental Conservation, and New York City watershed.

Although originally hailed by the natural gas industry and the green movement alike as a safe, clean source of domestic fuel, hydraulic fracturing has come under growing scrutiny. The Marcellus Shale is a geologic formation that is expected to yield a substantial quantity of natural gas in New York State subject to strict environmental restrictions. To address the environmental issues associated with this activity, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation issued draft regulations in 2011. 

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